11.03.2021 в 19:02

How to choose the right moving company with MoversRun?

When moving home, it’s important to make the right decisions. These decisions involve what removal services you use, how you design your moving schedule, and what arrangements you come to with the property agents tasked with both selling your old house, or, buying your new home. 

Of course, when it comes to planning this event, concessions can be made and backup plans should be established. But as moving is quite stressful in itself, none of us wish to suffer the worst-case scenario. We want to get it right.

For this reason, choosing the right moving company with our service, MoversRun, is very beneficial. But what should you look for in a moving company, and what would the ‘right choice’ look like to you, anyway?

Let’s go over a few principles you can use to help better plan your moving experience. In this light, you’re sure to not only move with ease, but enjoy peace of mind from start to finish.

See What Packaging & Insurance Options Are Available

The best moving companies are not only concerned with moving your belongings from place to place, but making sure everything goes smoothly when you select their service. They know your belongings need to be secured and protected, and so the best services aim to help you with that.

From plastic boxes to storage containers, and ready-made packaging services on-site, you can make sure that your belongings are protected and easily stored if you select this option. Furthermore, insurance plans can help you secure against the cost of an unlikely breakage or loss of property. Some moving companies ask to pack your belongings as a pre-requisite for applying insurance, so they can verify the contents of your order. We recommend asking questions and reading through a company’s service tiers before making your decision.

In-Home Moving Surveys

Moving services that offer in-home moving surveys are valuable, because this shows they’re willing to listen to your particular needs, providing a bespoke service in return. They may ask just what packaging you need as our prior example, or if certain elements, such as kitchen utilities, need replumbing when moving into your home.

As your moving service what custom solutions they can use for you, or how they’d approach certain challenges you will face, such as moving to a large apartment on a higher floor. These surveys are worth their weight in gold, and as such, can help you make your decision more readily. Using MoversRun, you can also search by a mover’s willingness to transport fine art, expensive valuables, and assets utilized for commercial purposes.

Long-Distance Or Interstate Travel

If moving further afield, the desire for you to find the perfect moving service for your needs is felt much more deeply. MoversRun offers a range of companies that are willing to travel interstate while providing the full service package you wish for.

Additionally, you can also search for those dedicated moving companies willing to transport your goods internationally, helping you lessen the very real stress of moving to another country. Our filtering system also helps you avoid wasting time explaining your needs to firms that may not provide this service as standard.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the most peaceful and productive move possible — and we wish you the best of luck with your new and promising life!

Klava Moon is a freelance writer for MoversRun and has exactly five pieces of furniture because moving is that much of a pain. Follow her on Twitter.