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How to Move in NYC: Best Movers & Companies to Use While Moving in NY

Moving in NYC can be quite a challenge at the best of times. This article will explain everything that you need to know, including how to find the best movers and companies to help you with this process.

Why is moving in NYC such a challenge? Well, there are a few issues that you’ll encounter here. First, there’s the traffic. NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world and the roads can be tough to navigate. That’s why you might want to think twice about hiring a van to drive yourself when moving — we’ll come back to this further down.

There’s also the different seasonal weather. Regardless of whether you choose to move in the middle of summer or when the winter winds blow, shifting boxes and furniture around isn’t going to be fun.

Currently, there’s also the added issue of moving during a pandemic. While not impossible, this does make things a little more complicated. 

So, let’s explore some of the key considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are moving to NYC. 

Best Movers & Companies to Use While Moving in NY
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Best Movers & Companies to Use While Moving in NY
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Choosing The Perfect Place To Live In NYC

Before you look for the best NYC movers, you must choose a place to live. If you already have a location and even a building set, you can skip this step. If you haven’t chosen a place yet, you need to visit the different neighborhoods in person. It’s important to explore points like where the nearest subway stop is, how far away the local superstore will be and whether the area feels safe. If you want to keep things virtual in the pandemic, then try using Google Street View.

There are lots of resources you can use to check details about areas in New York including:

  • Address Report — provides info on commute times, parks that are nearby and noise complaints
  • Localize.City — info on the building address, current constructions and road safety
  • Neighborhood Scout — details on the neighborhood 

You might also want to check out some local blogs. Using this, you can find out about places to eat nearby. Remember, in the first few days you move in you’ll probably be relying a lot on takeaways and restaurants.

Issues When Moving

There are a few issues that you need to handle when moving. For instance, you should consider parking. It’s important that you know where the removal team can park their van outside your address and at the new home. If there is limited parking at either address, you will need to choose to move at a time when the roads are not busy. Some moving companies in NYC are willing to work outside of typical office hours.

If you live in an apartment building or a similar shared property, you may want to let the owner know the date you are moving out. The same is true for the owner of a shared property you might be moving into. This is just common courtesy.

Create A Full MOVING Checklist

Create A Full Moving Checklist
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Create A Full Moving Checklist
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It’s useful to write a list of tasks you must complete before the move. This should include:

  • Wifi installation — check if your new property has a wifi connection. If it doesn’t arrange an installation that will be ready when you move in. Arrange this at least a few weeks in advance. This could be a great time to switch from your current provider. 
  • Contact any companies that have your address — This includes credit card business, student loan companies, cable companies, energy companies, car insurance. Most of these businesses will allow you to switch your address online. 
  • Change of mailing address — You need to transfer your mail to your new address. This can also be completed online. 
  • Let your landlord know your moving date — Make sure that you are clear with your landlord when you are moving out if you are currently renting. Ensure that you understand when the keys need to be handed over. 
  • Check Door sizes — When you visit the place you are moving to, it’s important to get door size measurements. You can then plan which furniture you can get rid of and which you will be taking with you. 

Get rid of furniture you no longer want — completing a clear out will save you money on the move and keep things simple. There are countless waste removal services that can help you get rid of unwanted furniture in NYC. Consider getting rid of anything you haven’t used in at least six months.

Choosing Packaging

Next, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best packaging supplies. Companies such as City Moving Boxes can be useful and they offer same-day delivery. So, it’s perfect if you have left this until the last minute. Alternatively, you can use Bin It. A big benefit here is that they’ll provide plastic boxes that you can fill up and they’ll then collect them once you have completed the move.

You might also want to explore your local grocery store. They often have large boxes that just end up in the trash. These could be perfect for moving your furniture safely and securely. You just need to make sure that they are not damaged.

Some of the best moving companies in NYC will provide packaging for you to use. You should ask about this when you contact different businesses. There may be an extra charge for a service like this similar to when you find a moving team who will pack your items for you.

Choosing Packaging
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Choosing Packaging
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Finding The Best Movers In NYC

If you are looking for the best NYC movers, then you might want to consider asking friends and family. People who you know may have used movers here before and if so, they will likely be able to recommend a great company.
Alternatively, you could think about using MoversRun. Our solution will allow you to search for a variety of moving services, searching in different categories including:

Or, you could complete your own search using Google. If you do this, you should make sure that you explore the latest reviews for different companies. When you are checking reviews, it is essential that you check for red lights that you need to avoid a moving company. This can include reviews that mention items being damaged or pricing that was not transparent.

Choosing The Right Movers

Once you have found a few of the best NYC moving companies, you need to decide which one will be right for you. Start by exploring different rates. Moving companies will always provide different rates for their services.

Don’t assume that the most expensive service is the best or the cheapest is the worst. Instead, explore a few different quotes to get a baseline price that you should expect to pay. When you speak to an NYC moving company, make sure that you are asking whether the quoted price is the final amount you pay. You need to make sure that there aren’t going to be any surprises at the end of the service.

Some movers will expect you to pay some money upfront and the rest once the move is complete.

When you are choosing the best movers, you should also consider factors such as experience on the market and safety including whether employees have been vetted. Information such as this can usually be found on the website for the moving company. Many of the best NYC movers will want to provide as much peace of mind as possible to clients who are considering using their service.

When you are exploring the best movers in NYC always ask about their level of insurance. You should ensure that you are covered for any accidental damage, breakages or potentially lost items. This is particularly important if you are moving expensive or valuable furniture.

Is There An Alternative To Hiring A Moving Company?

If you don’t want to hire a moving company in NYC, you can think about hiring a van instead. You will be able to pack and drive this yourself however this can be quite difficult. Moving heavy items without the right expertise can be dangerous. You will also need to be brave enough to drive a large heavy van down busy New York streets. At the very least, you should ensure that you get full insurance coverage from the company you choose. This will always be worth the extra cost in case you damage the van or another vehicle on the road. Using a professional moving team will allow you to avoid this potential headache.

Extra MOVING Tips?

You might want to consider asking the landlord for the keys a few days before the beginning of the lease. This will ensure you have time to get the property ready.

If you are moving in the summer, it’s also recommended you use this time to install the AC. Otherwise, an NYC apartment can be a sweatbox.

Finally, in the age of COVID, it’s worth asking about hygiene standards of moving companies. Check what they are doing to ensure they can keep both their employees and you safe through the move.

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when moving in NYC. The city that never sleeps is filled with fantastic places to live and we’re sure, wherever you move, you’ll be delighted with your choice.

Extra Moving Tips?
Pexels Source CCO License

Extra Moving Tips?
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Klava Moon is a freelance writer for MoversRun and has exactly five pieces of furniture because moving is that much of a pain. Follow her on Twitter.