• Houston
  • 8 August 2020, number: 427

H-Town Movers

Address: Houston, 5927 Almeda Rd, view on map
H-Town Movers provides basic moving insurance for your belongings that takes effect from the time your items first handled by our movers until your items reach your final destination.
However, our coverage is basic standard of $0.60 per pound of damages. For example, if your 30 pound flat-screen TV is damaged, we’re required to reimburse in the amount of $18.00 ($0.60 x 30 pounds = $18.00). Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing additional coverage known as “third party insurance” through www.emoveinsurance.com . Their rates are very affordable, costing between 1% to 2% of the total value of your item(s) value, and insures them at their full value.
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