• Indianapolis
  • 8 August 2020, number: 261

Here to There Movers

Address: Indianapolis, 6800 E 30th Street, view on map
It has been said that the three most stressful things in life are dealing with a divorce, a death, or a move. We believe it is our job to take each customer's situation and tailor our service based on what they need at that time. We have grown because of our willingness to please the customer is not limited to our office hours, or the amount of money the customer has to spend. It is not at all uncommon for us to hold a check for a customer, or start a move at a time that is convenient for the customer, but at a time that will have us working untill midnight; at no extra cost to the customer. Now that we have dozens of employees and do hundreds of moves a year, most of which are routine, it has become my job to handle the details that truly make us a service company.
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