• Passaic
  • 8 August 2020, number: 251

Xtreme Movers

Address: Passaic, 35-95 8th Street. Suite 18, view on map
If you would like to pack your own items, purchase packing materials and boxes through Xtreme Movers. Take the guess work out of how many rolls of packing tape to buy, save yourself multiple trips to the store and let us supply you with the right amount of packing supplies. It is important to use new boxes when you’re packing, because they will hold up much better during the move than old boxes that are being reused, minimizing the possibility of a tear in the box and/or the box being crushed. The better you prepare your goods for the trip, the more likely they are to arrive at your destination in the same condition. We are not questioning your own packing ability, but having your goods professionally packed by our team can save you time and eliminate any uncertainties.
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