• Philadelphia
  • 8 August 2020, number: 318

Mambo Movers

Address: Philadelphia, 1205 07 S 15th Street, view on map
The Mambo Truck you see is a moving van with a lift gate and a box, big enough for most household moves. It is white colored and has an appropriate sign on a side, designed by Alex Kanevsky Studios. The moving van is a bit wider than a car, it's also considerably taller. So we ask you to take a realistic look at your street before the move. Some streets are narrow - we know it, and some overpasses have a disappointingly low clearance, we know it too. There are plenty of ways to avoid scratching someone's parked Lamborghini while trying to squeeze a huge truck into a narrow street. We have smaller trucks for these occasions. Let's plan in advance!
We also ask you to take a realistic look at the volume of things you are planning to move. The huge 26' truck is the biggest we can legally operate. Some households, however, are even bigger than that. There are several ways to approach this situation, the most common of them is making a second trip. (215) 670-9535 is the number to call if you have questions about planning your move.
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