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  • 8 August 2020, number: 710

Bulwark Moving

Address: Phoenix, 3621 Superior Ave, view on map
Bulwark Moving started as a vision between a father and son to build a strong, capable & honest moving company for Arizona. We are committed to keep our customers confident, secure and stress free during the entire moving process. We understand the importance of honesty & integrity from the very beginning to the very end of the moving process. We are determined to ‘EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS’ and be the good guys in a trade that traditionally provide little confidence & vague promises for their customers.
Our promise to you is simple; we will not charge you ANY additional fees for ANY Additional items, rooms or tasks that your move may require.
We will not charge you ANY additional fees for the use of blankets, shrink wrap, tape, fuel, overtime, long walks or stairs. We will not charge you ANY additional fees for moving appliances, safes, armoires or standard heavy household items. Our movers will be honest, polite, hardworking and experienced. The equipment we use will be in sound operating condition. We will not lie to you, cheat you or steal from you. In a word, we will be ‘Different’ than any other moving company.
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