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  • Los Angeles
  • 8 August 2020, number: 736

Safe-Direct Car Shipping

Address: Los Angeles, 4443 Moorpark Way, view on map
When we opened our doors back in 2008 under the name 'Honesty First Auto Transport' we had no idea that we were about to open the floodgates.
Customers like you, hungry for an honest, friendly and fair priced Car Shipping Service began to flock to our doors.
As you'll see, from our great BBB rating and 5 Star Auto Transport Reviews, we have quickly grown to become the Customers #1 Choice Car Carrier Service.
In 2011 it was decided by vote that we had out grown our original 'home-spun' name and that we needed a name that was closer to the point of what keeps customers like you so happy: shipping a car SAFELY and DIRECTLY.
We never have and never will use the Terminal to Terminal process of moving vehicles. All of our Car Transports go on one Car Carrier.
We pick up right from you and deliver right back to you.
Without a scratch.
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