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  • San Diego
  • 8 August 2020, number: 406

Packing Bees Inc

Address: San Diego, 4461 Menlo Ave Ste 12, view on map
We came up with the name Packing Bees because we wanted to emphasize that we are very hardworking and devoted to our job. Most customers love it, don’t you? I am strongly convinced that we were San Diego’s first packing company that specializes in household packing services. Back in 2014, there was no such category as packing service. Packing service was a part of the moving service even though most moving companies didn’t provide this service, some don’t until now. Movers would only take furniture and whatever was already boxed up by the customer and left everything else behind. Customers then had to deal with whatever they couldn’t pack in time for movers to take after the move. That felt so wrong to us and we kept working hard to change the industry. We gathered around us a group of great people who we owe our success. We started learning and implementing new things every day we would come out to the job. There was a new challenge for us every time.
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